Effilab helps your business to grow
everywhere in the world

Thanks to tailor-made advertising strategies.


150+ clients worldwide
in various industries

A comprehensive expertise in digital advertising
from the design of your strategy to its implementation.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase your online sales or retain your customers, Effilab designs a tailor-made Google Adwords strategy to drive optimal account performance, reach your marketing goals and maximize your return-on-investment.

Facebook and Instagram have become key marketing levers. Thanks to its powerful targeting features and unique formats opportunities, you can engage with the right audience and create a dedicated conversion funnel to optimize your customer acquisition strategy.

Unlike traditional media being used for push advertising (radio, TV, etc.), display networks allow you to reach a massive audience with very accurate targeting features and tailored messages -banners or videos. Effilab helps you to make the best of display advertising to grow your business.

Without a dedicated acquisition and engagement strategy, reach of your new app will soon be limited. Effilab helps you to define the right channels, the right messages and the most efficient targeting features to generate downloads and increase the number of active users while optimizing your return on investment.


150+ clients

in various industries

Effilab has been managing Corsica Ferries Google AdWords campaigns since 2014 in order to optimize their search advertising performances. The scope covers 5 countries through segmented campaigns adapted to the specificities of each market.


150+ clients

in various industries.

Woodbrass has entrusted Effilab with the creation and the management of its Google Adwords campaigns with a ROI goal on a varied product catalog. An accurate strategy based on Long Tail & Google Shopping campaigns has ensured for several years the growth of Woodbrass online shop internationally.

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